Am already there

​In his room closed from the world

he sits eyes locked to a magazine

a prison that has grown upon him

with walls tall and wide, it’s quiet

he knows not if he can ever leave

little at sight he is yet heavy in mind.

Denied his innocence; right to believe

by this burdening sick habit within

that’s drained the light from his eyes

dragging him to a darkness of guilt.

He knows he’s alone and will be tomorrow

for where he walks no one can be. 

Broken, scared and confused he waits

in need of a friend, a voice of hope

And there HE speaks, so sweet

It’s alright my child am already there.

Before the washroom mirror she stands 

tears rolling down her teenage tender face

with her body coated in an earthquake

as her eyes open to her folded fist

scared the test will read to her fears

that she is to be a carrier of a life.

He wants nothing to do with her now

and her guardian calls it the last stroll

so to the streets alone she has turned

rejected, cast out and named unworthy

lost to the eyes of all those around her

tries to speak but ears are shut to her 

the world so crowded but she stands alone

she stands between her past and tomorrow

broken, scared and confused she waits

In need of a friend, a voice and a hope

And there HE speaks, so sweet

it’s alright my child am already there.

By the fire place far apart in thought

they sit unsure of when it got to this

as she still hears his words at the alter

speaking of how the heavens to him she was

a love that was, and was meant to stay.

He too mystified by how it all changed

for he loved his wife and meant his words

as she had opened the heavens to him 

but he knows not how it all vanished

as little with time the heavens closed

the spark she held in her eyes melted out

and there it was lost, strangers they became 

broken, scared and confused they wait

in need of a friend, voice and a hope

and there HE speaks, so sweet

It’s alright my children am already there

How did I get to become my today?

What did I do wrong and when did I fall?

are questions raining in like swarms of bees

eating at the last of my flesh I have left 

throwing me deeper into a lonely hiding. 

Afraid of what I have lived become 

and what they that see me will think 

i run, hide I become a stranger to myself

lost from what I believed and knew to be good

engraved to my face is a tattoo of failure

as I can never become what I was taught

now a disgrace, humiliation to my family

that no one would even want to speak of me 

in need of a friend, voice and a hope

and there HE speaks, so sweet

i hear the LORD and he is so close

I hear him speak to my ear saying to me

it’s alright my child am already there

And I hear you.

A father’s love note 2

​Cry not my dearest son, cry not

as your tears are like thorns to my heart

piercing right through it, weakening me.

Come home; run on to my open arms

let will hold you tight , make you warm;

bring all your heart’s burdens at my feet

fears of today, yesterday and tomorrow

and I will carry them for you onwards

as non but you I made in my image

for I loved you from time and will till. 

Let me be your carrier, refuge and strength; 

the rock where you stand unshaken, 

bread that feeds your hungry soul

and waters that quench your thirst. 

A father’s love note 1

​Speak to me my dear love

shut me not from your heart;

let your eyes keep me at sight. 

Tell me of what you desire

and I will walk this whole earth, 

move the world and universe; 

till the day you receive your wish 

for all I can do, all is possible 

as all I promised if you asked; 

if you let me come close to you 

as my only desire has always— 

forever will be your happiness, 

joy and life in all its fullness for you; 

so let me in today and don’t look back.

Ink on paper

Today I write to you these words

with my ink kept well and special 

on paper woven from my own line

cause that’s all I can do on this day

as my voice may not sing as sweet

nor will my touch feel as smooth, 

and my pocket as well is so short.

So words with paper be my only stand

and with them I shall birth my thoughts

my heart shall paint them so colored

my palm shall sweep the paper smooth

with them the world I shall travel

from my stand ground to my inheritance

and to you my love they shall deliver.

Beauty in you

​Fly on my fair lady and spread your wings,

spread them out wide to the earth ends

and let the skies feel you move through, 

leap and take that step above the ground

look on beyond the hairs on your head

see the treasurers that sit with the clouds

count them and they shall all come toyou

for you were chosen from they that be 

your wings were colored to perfection

your body molded to sights of greatness 

and skin softened with oils of queens

now; take on to the skies above all

and let me through your eyes be king

cause through you my crown i will get

through your blessing i too shall stand

as all my bargain shall have been paid. 

you are what it is; you are beauty 

Twisted lines

Does fate really want me here or there

Do I even deserve to be anywhere soon

My mind stands in different opinions

Leaving me at crossroads eyes wide open

As winds undecidingly sway me around 

Like a homeless cripple with no identity

I have breathed many years but never quite lived

Because I was masked with a smiley face

Yet under in my lips fall increasingly downward

So low am unrecognizable by my own mother

Leave alone l to know when am before a mirror

Well that’s if it too would comprehend it all

Yes I know you say am to blame for all I be

I should have come out holding it by it’s ears

But please here me out as perceptions be deceitful

And the victims are crucified for their suffering

As their enslavers pride themselves in achievement 

With those around too looking by arms crossed

All agreeing yes ‘he is just as lazy as he is useless’

Loved by the best

When I hear your song son, it speaks;

are the words my mother always said

every time I innocently stood before her.

Those words so fresh as they resounded

through my ears to the deepest in me

that I came to fall in love with my own.

So yes she loved her son, my mother loved me

as no other has ever told me such words

for to them; I simply can’t hit those notes

and my song disrupts good musical minds.

But see their opinion never mattered

my song was already loved by the best.

How I love you

Is my hand strong enough to hold you

tight so close and never let go no matter;

shall this grip I hold you with grow more

even when the winds blow us to wrinkles

as the sun sets and rises through seasons

to the days when it is all I can do till

forever, beyond our minds imaginable thought.

Shall you learn to wish being free of this?

Or shall you desire that grip that we share 

Becomes a legacy that shall grow more roses

As it becomes stronger each season pass 

To heights greater than the world we perceive.

Tell me you gorgeous beauty of a wonder 

If my heart’s songs yours shall sing too forever

I will hold your hand

I will hold your hand;

this I promise you today.

Today I will journey with you;

learn with you all there is,

share your happiness with joy

and wipe your face of tears.


I will hold your hand;

together across wild waters

face that fearless lion,

make a way in the dark

and stand those strong winds

never to close my eyes on you.


I will hold your hand;

guide your feet to the step,

eyes to the beauty of sight,

lips to the sweetest fruit

and ears to songs of praise.


I will hold your hand

like i have always done

now we are old in age

but your hand i won’t let go

for he alone gave you to me

and he when am to let go.



Am part of this great plant

the stem feeds me, holds me,

holds me up high to the sun

lets me have the best of being.

It gives me life, a life I have.


Am a branch on this plant

i hold the fruit of this plant

my fruit is as good as I am

as sweet as I look and stand

the fruit is my value of being.


Am a branch of a vine plant

a vine named Christ Jesus

that stands in a huge garden

a garden planted by my God

i am a branch of the true vine.